Du Purusha

by Jwles

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The Essence.


released September 28, 2015

Executive Produced by : LTR Worldwide
A&R : Jules Abecassis & Marc Chaulet
Mixed by : Thierry Kronental & Kader (Tracks 2, 4, 5, 7)
Mastered by : Thierry «Kostral One» Kronental at Visual JaJa Studio
Art & Photography Coordination : Jean Benoît «Jay Breez» Ndoki
Design : Anna Benarrosh (roshbena.tumblr.com)
Illustration : Alx
Photography : Dadoum, Jay Breez, Jwles, Xonethousand
Paintings : Paul & Ko
Management : Jean Benoît Ndoki for IAMDAPLUG




Jwles Saint Denis, France

Shah Jwles aka Wavy Haired Allen Iverson aka Julius Milk aka Dionysian Caesar aka Funneh Mane.
French rapper.
LTR Worldwide.

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Track Name: Prologue [Prod. Lekeus]
Intro : Howdy folks / Y’all tuned in to 93.2 Radio / Straight from Saint-Denis, people / Where the old kings rest and new kings rise / Here’s the one and only, Jwles

Toyota Corolla / The windows are rolled up / Ko couldn’t roll up / Flap the Motorola / Hand the soda over the shoulder / Condensed is the odour / High off the dome, Jan Koller / Questions but folders / Ladies, they call us / All takin’ photos / I got a phone in my hand, call it my third hand / Sought-after like Birdman / Tajuan Porter in Oregon / Small but loud like an organ / On the field, plottin’ for gain / Wait, that’s a first down / Let’s plot again (x4) / No need for propaganda / Let’s plot again (x2)
Track Name: Holy Grail [Prod. Lekeus]
Intro : Take a sit at the Tablo Rondo / We’re all waiting for you / Lancelot, pass me the Holy Grail

Verse 1 : Pour me up some mo’ Neo-Codion / Analyzin’ symbols, Champollion / Slowin’ me down like Jerry Sloan, John Stockton and Karl Malone / Home alone, Joe Pesci tryin’ to sneak in / THC be heatin’ / Creepin’ into cells / Smokin’ my head to hell / Yeah, I need some help / And what do I do ? / Play some Badu / Chop the bamboo / Sit and think like Hindus / Then I’m talkin with Zeus / Guzzlin’ juice / Puzzlin’ routes to drive off the troops / Mind off the roots / Recruits got boots in the mud, keep slippin’ / Boast about a coochie and a hug, keep sippin’ / Samurai ties professionalizin’ my rise / Fightin’ a body of lies / That constanty modifies from head to thighs / Head, body, head like Mickey Ward / I can’t hit no more / Hand me a sword / I can’t afford to desert this war

Chorus : Who can define, who can define, who can define me ?/ Who can define me ? Who can just find ? Who can just find the Holy Grail ? / Holy Grail, Holy, Holy Grail / Who can just find ? (x2) / Who can define me ? (x2) / Who can define ? Who can just find the Holy Grail ? / Holy Grail, Huh, Holy Grail / Who can just find ? Who can just find ? / Holy Grail / Who can define me ? (x3)

Verse 2 : Terrorize like Tommy Pitera’s eyes / No pity for an error / I stay on my own, no gemini / Only trust my seminar / Pigeons, we send ‘em off, messages in the mouth / Cough in their coffin, soften instead of solvin’ / Heaven high, hell low, deadly horizontal / Tell me (x3) cuando / Raekwon gonna knock on the door /
Monopoly like Monsanto / Runnin’ bare feet like an Oromo /
Throw it deep, Tony Romo / Steppin’ on snakes with skin that glow /
Bones, we blow, arrows in the marrow / Road is narrow, can’t roll /
Facin’ Sol Campbell / Soul under the Kangol /
Where can I go ? Where can I go ?
Charly, where do I go ? Where do I go ? (x2) /
Wind blowin’ open the gates to my goals /
And when I’m in, behind they close

Track Name: Kulen Mountains [Prod. Ambitiou$]
Bridge : Too far is this situation, impatience / Is my number one deviation, mind achin’ / Maintain the bakin / Shell cracked and cells shakin’

Chorus : By the riverside, She rolls over to the side / Nuthin’ to decide, every choice is right (x2)

Verse : Coolin’, Kulen Mountains / Temples of Cambodia, top of the podium visuals / As I reiterate the ritual, wrip an alley off the highway / Sigh away my worries, imprint my fossil on the couch / Slouch, crunchin’ chips, brunchin’ at the Ritz / In the midst of a mist / Being fed grapes by a girl coverin’ her breast with satin bed drapes / Dreams and reality confused / Scared as they come to fuse / Fantasies of the youth to become sins of the elder / Advancin’ helter-skelter, through the time, no shelter / Always be on the lookout for jaws / The look out for jaws (x2)
White toga to enrobe her / Jasmin aromas in the room / Center of Roma / Marijuana from Tijuana / «De nada» says Juana / As she hand me back the sobrasada, ‘cause she Catalana / Afternoon in Granada /
Communicatin’ numbers like Posada

Brigdge : Too far is this situation, impatience / Is my number one deviation, mind achin’ / Maintain the bakin / Shell cracked and cells shakin’


Outro : Put me on a show, Gerald Green / Put me on TV, on a screen / Put me in, I’m on the green / Tap it in clean, VJ Singh
Track Name: Johnny Delgado [Prod. Kader]
Verse 1 : Attablés, on s’moque de schnocks, smoke en smoking / Entre potes et une bande de coquines / Puis je m’observe dans la glace, fond du couloir / Sûr, bras posé sur l’accoudoir / Soudainement, un type se soulève, blanc, capuché / A dû éplucher quelques infos à mon sujet / Il approche, quelque chose cloche / Alors je chevauche le sofa, fauche le soft à cette femme / Robe mauve, regard de fauve / Mais plus le temps de tomber lovah / Le undercover a déjà tiré, il faut que j’me sauve / Ils n’avaient pas prévu ça en s’abreuvant / Courent dans tous les sens en beuglant, m’aveuglant / Seul sans mon gue-gan, voguant entre les corps, vite, sors / Bondis au-dessus des bornes du métro / Mes progrès agissant contre mon gré / Du blanc au rouge pour du vert comme la Hongrie / Plongé sous le tunnel, prunelles cachées sous les lunettes/ Sous la grimace de Funès, s’image un chemin funeste (x2)

Verse 2 : Back in the stables with the horses and the corsicans / Whisky levelled up by the ice / Hairy knuckles collide as we toast / Street gods, watch out for whatya’ say, you’re under oath / Knife to the neck of the roast chicken like a hostage / All squeezed around the table like sausages / Lost digits are brought up and make the wise guys fidget / Cringes under the well-done fringes / But it’s got in their veins like syringes / Inches of fur lengthen / Goomahs with the legs thin / Money in the head and sex in the pockets / Afford rockets / Thanks to the large splits / Spits fungus on the ground / Cigars in the Ritz / Lungs is exhalin’ the smoke of the crown .. and then you drown

Verse 3 : Suivi comme l’on traque Montana / Lâche, me cache sous la Tramuntana / Joe Montana comme passeur pour ma nana / De l’autre côté des Alberts, la reçoit comme Jerry / Le soir en ferry, en bas de la péninsule ibérique / Elle, hystérique, me fait regretter les astérisques de mes actes / Les policiers commencent à cerner mes axes de déplacement / Des placements dorénavant sécurisés / Juridiquement immunisé / Plus qu’une destination à viser / Dérapage du boat au bord de la côte / Saute aussitôt dans le zodiac / Attrape Zonia, m’assois, bientôt le cognac / Et nos pieds qui s’entremêlent sur le tapis peau de yak / Tellement niais de ma part de croire qu’ils n’allaient jamais m’avoir / À peine, apercevais-je ma crique privée / Les hélices tambourinaient / Au centre des vagues d’ondes, j’étais ciblé
Track Name: Crackerjack [Prod. Lekeus]
Verse 1 : Eyes watery / Popped out arteries / Are the reasons obvious ? / Cop visas so they don’t see us / Nauseous from the lust of fame / Flashes followin’ ashes / Wadded poison ivy provokin’ handrashes / That’s pretty much what the Crackerjack is / Important persona, so icy he had to wear fur in the sauna / Owner of bungalows in the Samoa, some more / Is what he’s after, what he needs to go forward / Protected from the outside but inside like Gomorra / Sharin’ gnocchis in Genoa, with a lady but don’t even know her / Then show her the Rockies all the way to the Mississippi magnolias / But all he really is, is the role he has and he puffs it all in haze

Chorus : Crackerjack need the blanco / Crackerjack, Crackerjack need the blanco / Crackerjack need the blanco / Crackerjack, Crackerjack need the blanco / Callin’ Griselda Blanco, Griselda Blanco / Callin’ Griselda Blanco / Crackerjack need the blanco / Crackerjack, Crackerjack need the blanco / Griselda Blanco

Verse 2 : He high, he lost but he rich, so he boast / He in the hot spot, on the stove, steamin’ like a hot pot / ‘Til he evaporates, situation aggravates / Rough face from the liquored grapes / Rouged cheeks to cover on the tapis rouge / But the bottles remain in the cupboard / And he’s gonna end quicker than summer / A lot of leaks but no plumber / His arsenal of gunners dispatched for the hundreds / A shootin’ star blinded by the reflect of his own light / Known as tight, but mites slid in / Chewed what they could of the wood / Left what he wanted him and the paper, haunted / By the toxic vapors, soon to be a fat lard, out of the radar

Track Name: Observin' [Prod. Lekeus]
Verse 1 : Asphyxiate all of ‘em gamanis / The fix is great, throw some mo’ at me / « You’re poor, papi, plus your face sloppy » / She sold her ass in Abu Dhabi / Ja Rule had Ashanti, as I cruised through the shanty town / Saw a shawty, should’ve said « Enchanté » (she cute) / Was a tourist, could’ve showed me ‘round / Could have showed me around / On me, more than her salary / In me, more calories / Uncovered wrist, I don’t watch time, time watches me, catches me / Consciously, livin’ savagely, cabbage lit / Strict like Popovich (I’m the coach) / Trick like Maravich / Gamanis, they don’t care for shit / The sleeping bear, now a blarin’ snitch / Long hair like Nowitzki / The fadeaway risky / I’m takin’ 3-pointers, hittin’ the bonus / Errthing you do so pointless / Now, you accusin’ opponents / System got you on hold, y’all still in your hole / Y’all get mad like McEnroe / Grab your racket and throw it / Scare the front row, act like a scarecrow / But the crops don’t grow

Chorus : I’m observin / They up servin’ / I’m observin’ / They got servants / I’m observin’ / They assertin’ from behind the curtains / I’m observin (x2) / I’m with her and / I’m observin’ (x2) / Life’s absurd and / I’m so uncertain / I’m observin / So uncertain

Verse 2 : She tokin’ on wee-wee / Sergio Tacchini / Salmon wrapped in the seaweed / Fish in a bikini / View angles like Mongols with eagles / Trappers they feel me / Push aside that thong / Simultaneous moan / No more telephone, straight up to the room, Al Capone / Unbutton the damier LV piece like Alpo / MVP, so she like when we in the dark, Edgar Al Poe / I told her « Be indiscrete », we no longer in the streets / So we shagged and then we had leaves / Bed wet like the seas / And I’m floatin’ (x2) / Panoramic view of my life / Panoramix soup as I hike / Pharmaceutics get them light / Farms and zoos inside they hide / Waitin’ for Noah to help ‘em ride the tide / Ride or die, why do that? Are you shy ? / Intimidate you like a shah / You choose, I’m the shop / Got a shot at the charts like Rashad / It’s so easy to see / Hard to feel / The prophecy that’s got in me

Track Name: Like A [Prod. Kader]
Verse 1 : Liquor livin’ in my liver / Extra degrees expected for it not to shiver / Forcin’ my focus to quiver /
The quiz, euhh ? / I don’t know what it consists of / Since abandoned by the stork on the porch,
I’ve been forkin’ fortune / Cuttin’ the fat, the green greed growin ‘round the seed / Urgently searchin for merchants,
And if you trample on ‘em, they sting like sea urchins / Preventin’ us to burgeon like presidents in Virgin-I-Aaa, Hee Haww /Slowly walkin’ us around like donkeys / So I close the mansion with the door key, put in the car key / And open my mouth like Charles Barkley / Clarks keeps me acute to cute putes / Cooper’s flute, along as I commute / Mute, compute my route to the sun, jew fuel

Chorus : I’m A Mind Traveller, Mind Traveller / Seekin’ freedom like a Leveller, like a Leveller (x3)
I’m A Mind Traveller, Mind Traveller / Seekin’ Freedom like a Leveller

Verse 2 : Left with lust, loathing lava as my brain erupts / Corrupts my instincts and in sinks the nonsense /
Phnom Penh with dolmens / Destinations I create with my pen / Dominate, non-sovereign authority / Colloquially, tellin’ me to go away like Dorothy /Hercules weights on my caramello shoulders / Balancin’ like Colorado boulders / I told her, but instantly it turned into vapors / Mary loves us all and thinks she can cape us / But lights are all orange on the grey bus / Only us can save us / Me, I’m chasin’ Manhattan like Rockefeller / Feelin’ the rhythm like Fela with my fellas / Fellatios while the driver fillin’ the tank in the gas station / Be patient, we aint’ racin’ / Our path we are carefully tracin’

Chorus : I’m A Mind Traveller, Mind Traveller / Seekin’ freedom like a Leveller, like a Leveller (x3)
I’m A Mind Traveller, Mind Traveller / Seekin’ Freedom like a Leveller

Verse 3 : They all complain but comply / Entertain the tamed like dumb flies / He shrugs, lies on the sofa /Goin’ so fast, so far / Further than
he could by foot / Channels got him connected like channels / Like everybody puts flannel, a world panel, warriors on saddles battle / Rattlesnakes and lakes / At home, eyes open wide on earth / It’s the TV curse / Storin’ like clerks, no purpose to analyze / Lets the wrong rise, truth compromised for a mental demise / And we deny the «I», to disguise for their eyes / Cries are comin’ from the inside / It’s the sweat due to the pressure / Circled by the threshers / Ahhhh... I need a refresher / Or like the Doc’ some girl like Vanessa
Track Name: The Loot, She Ft. Senami [Prod. Lekeus]
Intro : Some thuggish refinery / Eat it with a golden spoon / Cut it with a silver knife / Fork it with the bronze

Verse 1 : Sippin’ cheap wine on the subway / Crumblin’, hash gettin’ bubbly / Torch switch lips like an assembly / Watch cats get tackled, back in the seat, like in Wembley / Doors glide, open wide, flask inside / The Kangol windbreaker, grin, take a swig / Cigarette broken in the palm, seasoned by the balm / Calm, awaitin’ the alarm, feel so far from home/ Roam, sit and zone in zones out of the 75 / Jeopardize my rise, leopard eyes / As I hunt the blunt down, bunt it down / Chuck it ‘round, cunts under gowns is all I see around / Cut, clean, skeet, live easy like Kuklinski

Chorus : I might have the droopy eye, but dupe me, lie / And your fingers in the soup be fried / We cut’em off like Yamaguchi’s / Wheelies on the Yamaha’s and rubies in the Gucci / The Lucci, the lucci, the lucci / Got me under her spell, Monica Bellucci,

Verse 2 : Y’all doin’ theft works I know / Got networks, Lucky Luciano / Tossin’ your oval head around like Arnold / On the chessboard, said Elias, so my chest stores /
Some access lords, get their axis tored / I’m clingin’ on my assets Norb’ / Snore, wake up and like a lion, roar / In awe, they brown-nose, influence the way the crown goes / Ya crack users want ya cousins to meet Yakuza’s / Nan, je ne peux pas, je m’excuse ! / Garlic snails, arctic pale females / Art picked well, pearls in the shells / Stories in the shelves, Herbie to hancock L’s / I got hands in skirts and they all say I do it well

Track Name: Juice [Prod. We Str8]
Verse 1 : Stuck in these cycles / They label me «psycho» / Guidelined by my sidecode / They throw us away, they recycle / Some don’t think they important / Quickly start importin’ / The context appaulin’ / Receive texts from Pauly / Prolly gon’ blow shortly / Get that guacamole / All they do is hand a vote / Like it’s the antidote / Preys like antilopes / Cheetahs takin’ control of them animals / Grape juice to alternate with the other purple / Pace loose, maintain my lips on the herbal /
Rippin’ her nylon / Wishin’ she Nia Long / Visions all night long / Fishin’ on the Nile, gone /
Long, Hail Mary passes to reach me / Hell or merit will treat me / They desertin’, retreatin / We deservin’, achievin’

Chorus : Lackin’ vitamins, need more juice / The plug isn’t answerin’, need more juice / Detective desperately lookin’ for some clues / Lackin’ that energy, need more juice / Y’all hungry, they feed you with the news / Got you tied, like a noose / Static electricity, it’s gon’ fuse / Don’t get it confused / I’m gettin’ that juice (x2) / Lackin’ vitamins, need more juice / The plug isn’t answerin’, need more juice / Detective desperately lookin’ for some clues / Lackin’ that energy, need more juice

Verse 2 : Military carry weapons that kill / En plein dans la ville / Enterprises stretch and then steal / Y a du blé dans le mill (moulin) / Adolescents servin’ from midnight to twelve / Ruinin’ their skills / Shootin’ like JR Smith / Don’t even care if they miss / Yaw, this world is a mess / Bigger than a room / Need more than a broom / Either you doorless, either you got them grooms / Sometimes I get vertigo / Tryin’ to stay vertical / Like I’m being judged, ain’t no verdict though / Follow them leads, can’t get ‘em like Serpico / I’m listenin’ to Saint-Denis, I’m hearin’ Atlanta / From my island, reachin mainlanders / Wonderin’ where am I gon’ land her ?

Track Name: Global Warming [Prod. Lekeus]
Verse 1 : From my bed, spy on the crescent / Even dead, eyes on the resin / I can’t blend, I learnt the lesson / Fantasize about my essence / Been investin’ to be the best and karma give it back like a blessing / Pay mere attention, me in tension, that’s enough stressin’ / They don’t listen, therefore guessin’ / They fugazzis, ungrown adolescents / Grab a Mack 11, attack a villain in his villa / No tactics, shitty thriller / Steal a chinchilla, they mind the iller / One down like Mandela, other one gone like Mandela / Both drugdealers / Pretty tall, pretty agile, Brad Miller /
Venom go through the denim / Recall the story, dismiss the ending / Digestin’ before ingesting / Trust a mystery like the Kremlin (x2)

Chorus : Mentally farmin’, cells sharpen / Piano keys when I’m fallin’ / Jwles, Pink Panthers on me, it’s a warning / All your ice melt, that’s global warming / Sky blue lean, through sorrow swarming / Apostles in my vessel (x2) / Take my time to answer questions / Yeah, they say I’m special (x2) / Get stuck on the threshold

Verse 2 : Secrets hurry up to the ear of my secretary / Don’t disturb me when I’m with Sthurr, smokin’ berry / Gain yards on green, Demarco Murray / Pitch like Pedro Martinez(it’s), curvy / They unsettled, I uneased this jury / Got them on their knees, they beg for mercy / Address me like I’m the clergy / They was about to purge me, I can go back to mergin’ / I can go back to splurgin’ / Call up my two favorite Persians / Each person will their version / We piercin’, makin’ holes, system need a surgeon / Using techniques of diversion / To change, it actin like a virgin (x2) / On Sundays, they be churchin’ / Attemptin’ an immersion / On Holy water, surfin’ / Fall beneath the surface / On Sundays, they be churchin’ / Attemptin’ an immersion / On Holy water, surfin’ / Get thanked for their service

Track Name: Epilogue [Prod. Lekeus]
Walk to Allende, get mahself a ten of hash / Execute the transaction, Stash it in the Gucci satchel / Avoid police action, pass by the foyer / Cop a couple of loosies / Get home and get woozy / Mouth is a desert, down a Volvic Juicy / No, it’s not any hazard, the world really did choose me / Think I’m controllin’ the high, 5-0 patrollin’ outside / Ride on Old Sea Lane, drive right by the 5 / From Grasse to Saint-Denis, might fly back to NY / Reachin’ purusha / Waitin’ on a diploma / Get mah mind out the coma / Ironmannin’ to Kona / Yo, it’s LTR, Los Thuggish-n-Refined / The next to shine, sittin’ next to Sean / Textin’ Shawn, they all wanna bond

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